To say that Zanzibar is a land of flavours is like saying nothing. We would like to take you on an exciting culinary journey, where we combine local tastes and products with European style and aesthetics.

Let yourself be seduced by culinary delight…


MOYO Restaurant & Bar

MOYO or HEART, the heart of our resort and the heart that we put into the preparation of each dish.Our chef personally selects all local goods. Aromatic spices, best quality vegetables and fruits. He pays special attention to seafood and woe betide anyone who tries to sell him any other shrimp than those from the morning catch

ryż z jajkiem

Tanzanian cuisine

The culture of Zanzibar is also reflected in the cuisine. It is an unusual combination of traditions with roots in India, Arabia and Africa. This culinary mishmash translates into an amazing balance of flavors. The sharpness of chili is softened by coconut milk, and the delicate nutty flavor intertwines with intense curry. We guarantee that your taste buds will learn many new flavour notes here.

ryż z jajkiem
krewetki z makronem

Zanzibar is also a paradise for those who love street food, aromatic fruits straight from the trees and spices whose intensity will give you goose bumps. On every corner you will encounter something which may turn out to be a completely new taste experience. Zanzibar cuisine will change your understanding of flavor combinations and you will surely amaze your friends with new culinary inspirations.