Object regulations

Zanzibella Hotel & Spa LTD will highly appreciate your cooperation in complying withthese regulations, which is to ensure a peaceful and safe stay for our Guests.

§ 1

1. The apartments in the Zanzibella Hotel & Spa are rented to Guests for a hotel day.

2. Check–in is at 2.00 pm. on the arrival day, while check out is at 10.00 am. the day after that. In case of late check out after 10.00 am., additional fees will be charged.

3. Payment for the whole stay in Zanzibella Hotel & Spa will be collected on the day of arrival.

4. Guests are obliged to check in at the reception desk immediately upon arrival. For identification purposes guest is obliged to present an ID or other document with a photo.

5. In order to extend the stay at Zanzibella Hotel & Spa guests should report such desire until 9 am on the last day of their stay.

6. Zanzibella Hotel & Spa may refuse to extend your stay if there is full booking of the Zanzibella Hotel & Spa.

7. In the situation of organizing events such as: stays of training course groups, company groups, conferences, wedding receptions, it is required to conclude a prior agreement specifying the details of the ordered service.

8. People who are not staying at Zanzibella Hotel & Spa can only be in the hotel apartments from 7.30 am to 10.00 pm.

9. In case of prior booking (including on–line reservation) a prepayment of 50 % of total cost is applied. Zanzibella Hotel & Spa has the right to charge the guest’s credit card with a payment equal to 50 % of total cost. Zanzibella Hotel & Spa does not guarantee accommodation to guests who do not have a reservation.

10. In case Guest cancels reservation before the scheduled arrival, the deposit remains in favour of Zanzibella Hotel & Spa and is non–returnable.

11. If the Guest does not show up at Zanzibella Hotel & Spa, the reservation is kept up to 24 hours from the next possible check–in time, ie until 10.00 am the next day.

12. At Zanzibella Hotel & Spa, there is a curfew from 10.30 p.m. by 06.30 a.m.

§ 2

1. Guests of Zanzibella Hotel & Spa may not transfer the apartment to other persons in any case.

2. The Hotel Guest has the financial responsibility for any damage or destruction of objects, equipment or any technical devices of the Zanzibella Hotel & Spa, which were the result of Guest’s or their visitors’ actions.

3. Damage discovered after Guest’s check out will be charged directly on their credit card. It is forbidden to change places of the hotel furniture in apartments and other spaces, i.e. closets, beds, sofas, desks, dressing tables, etc.

4. Zanzibella Hotel & Spa may refuse to accommodate a Guest who during his previous staya. has violated the Zanzibella Hotel & Spa Regulations, which caused damage to the Hotel’s or other Guests’ property,b. brought harm to other Guests, Zanzibella Hotel & Spa employees or other persons staying at the Zanzibella Hotel & Spa,c. has interfered in any other way with the stay of Zanzibella Hotel & Spa guests,d. has interfered with Hotel operations.

5. The hotel accepts Guests traveling with animals for an additional fee. Only one animal may stay in the apartment, and the Guest bears full responsibility for damages caused by the animal. Pets must be kept on a leash in public areas.

§ 3

1. Zanzibella Hotel & Spa provides services in accordance with its standards. In case of any compliances concerning the quality of services the Guest is kindly asked to report them to the reception as soon as possible, which will allow for the Zanzibella Hotel & Spa to react immediately.

2. Zanzibella Hotel & Spa provides:

a. conditions for full and comfortable rest of the Guest,

b. safety of the stay, which includes the safety of not discerning any information about the Guest. Every Guest gives their consent for theirpersonal data to be processed for registration purposes and placed into the Hotel’s database. The Guest has the right to inspect their personal data and change or delete them if needed,

c. professional and courteous service in the scope of all services provided by the Zanzibella Hotel & Spa,

d. daily cleaning of the apartment,

e. in case of defects or malfunctions occurring in the apartment that cannot be removed, the hotel shall make every effort to change the apartment or otherwise alleviate the inconvenience to the best of its ability.

3. During check–in the Guest receives a key to the apartment, which they are obliged to return on the day of check–out. 25$ fine will be charged in case of losing or damaging the key.

4. Due to fire safety reasons, it is forbidden to use heaters, electric irons and other similar equipment in the apartments, as well as smoking and using open fire. This does not apply to chargers and power supplies for audiovisual and computer equipment. If Zanzibella Hotel & Spa Guest triggers a false fire alarm and the fire department arrives without justified need, a fine of $500 will be added to the Guest’s bill, which must be paid by the check–out date.5. Guests are allowed to smoke cigarettes only in designated areas

§ 4

Zanzibella Hotel & Spa provides the following services without charge at the request of the Guest:

a. access to the information related to the stay and the trip,

b. safekeeping of money and valuables during the Guest’s stay at Zanzibella Hotel & Spa,

c. luggage storage; Zanzibella Hotel & Spa may refuse to store luggage at times other than the dates of the Guest’s stay and items that do nothave the character of personal luggage.

§ 5

1. The liability of Zanzibella Hotel & Spa is excluded, with regard to the guests’ belongings, which are not deposited at the reception. Zanzibella Hotel & Spa reserves the right to refuse safekeeping of: money, securities and valuables, especially valuables of scientific or artistic nature, if they may threaten security or they have too high value in relation to the size or standard of Zanzibella Hotel & Spa, or take up too much space.

2. Zanzibella Hotel & Spa takes no liability for the loss of or damage done to money, securities, valuables or objects of scientific or artistic value if these items are not deposited at the reception desk.

§ 6

It is prohibited in Zanzibella Hotel & Spa to:

a. disturb the peace (e.g. by playing or performing loud music without the Hotel’s consent),

b. invite or receive guests (persons who are not hotel guests) in apartments without the consent of Zanzibella Hotel & Spa,

c. behavior of Guests and persons using the services of Zanzibella Hotel & Spa that interferes with calm and enjoyable stay of other Guests, as the management and employees may refuse to provide further services to a person who violates this rule,

d. behavior generally considered indecent,

e. smoking in apartments, corridor, staircase, restaurant, bar, spa & wellness area, cloakrooms and the reception hall.

§ 7

1. Persons violating the rules of these Regulations will be required to immediately leave Zanzibella Hotel & Spa.

2. Belongings of checked out Guest will be sent back at the Guest’s expense to the indicated address. In case of not receiving such a disposition these items will be kept for one month and then destroyed.

3. Processing of personal data, including images, is defined in a separate privacy policy available on Zanzibella Hotel & Spa website. Zanzibella Hotel & Spa is not responsible for images taken at the facility and made available online by outsiders who are not affiliated with the Hotel.

4. Zanzibella Hotel & Spa provides services in accordance with its category, in case of any complaints or objections regarding the quality of services the guest is requested to report them no later than 24 hours after checking in. Complaints submitted on the day of check–out won’t be dealt with. At the same time we inform that we are not responsible for the inadequacies caused by reasons beyond the control of the Zanzibella Hotel & Spa e.g. interruption of water or electricity supply, weakening of the Internet or TV signal.

We wish you a pleasant stay at the Zanzibella Hotel & SPAManagement of the Zanzibella Hotel & Spa.