Paddleboarding is the perfect way to explore Zanzibar’s coastline. Shallow, calm and crystal clear water allows even beginners to traverse the coastline.

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If you prefer to explore Zanzibar from the land side, we provide bicycles for rent. Feel the wind in your hair and experience Zanzibar from the less touristy side. Adventure guaranteed!

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UPENDO means love. In the end, admiring the sunset over the ocean from the hotel swimming pool, with a delicious drink in your hand, ensures extremely romantic moments.Relax by the pool and sip beautiful, tropical drinks! A well-equipped bar and beautiful ocean views. Is there be a better combination?

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If you prefer to paddle sitting down, choose a kayak or dinghy. This will give you a chance to cover a longer distance in a more sporty fashion. Admire the coast from a completely new perspective!

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