Temperature on Zanzibar

The temperature on the island allows you to enjoy your vacation basically 365 days a year. However, there is a dry season and a rainy season. The rainy seasons, however, do not mean continuous rainfall. Sometimes it rains only a few hours during the day, and the rest of the time you can enjoy beautiful weather. The temperature during the day very rarely drops below 25 degrees Celsius. The nights are a little more crisp, but the temperature rarely falls below 20 degrees Celsius. The water temperature varies from 23 to 27 degrees Celsius.

How to dress on Zanzibar?

Because of the high temperature, mainly airy, light clothes will do. For women shawls/pareo, to put on over your swimsuit, will be perfect! You can buy them locally in beautiful colors. For men, shorts, thin t-shirts or linen shirts.

On Zanzibar, you cannot sunbathe topless. Outside the hotel area and the beach, shoulders and knees should be covered. In order not to burn your feet during hiking, it is worth choosing flip-flops or sandals. Shoes for water will also come in handy, because in some parts of the island you can meet sea urchins, on more remote beaches there is also the rocky ground. Be sure to bring a hat or a cap. It protects your head from overheating and adds style!

Currency and payments in Zanzibar

The official currency in Zanzibar is the Tanzanian Shilling (TZS). However, in most places you can pay in a US Dollar. 1 Dollar is about 2300 Shillings.

There are ATMs on Zanzibar, but there are not many of them. You can find them in Stone Town, the only town on the island, which is also its capital. It is better to exchange cash in the town, because of the best exchange rate. Of course, at Zanzibella Hotel we will help you with all the matters related to your trip, also payments issues.

Payment cards are accepted in hotels and finer restaurants, often also in the gift shops. However, a small commission is charged when paying by card. When exchanging currency, it is recommended to exchange dollars (bills) with denominations of $50 and $100. Then you will get a better price. Make sure they are issued after 2010, older ones are not respected.

It is always a good idea to have some change on you for small expenses or tipping the many helpers. A standard $5 can often help to arrange a lot of matters 😊

Safety and health care in Zanzibar

We describe vaccinations in the PRE-FLIGHT GUIDE. It is a topic which is worth getting familiar with before the planned departure.

There are a few details you should keep in mind when going to Zanzibar. The main problem is the risk of sunburn. Appropriate clothing and creams with SPF however, are enough to protect yourself against it. A good sun glass with a strong UV filter, it’s your right choice!

It is necessary to take care of proper hydration of the body. Always have a large bottle of water with you. In a tropical climate you sweat faster, so there is a higher water loss in the body.

Cases of malaria on Zanzibar are extremely rare. There are regular actions to fight mosquito habitats with special products. However, we advise you to use mosquito deterrents after dark, wear light-colored clothes (but not bright ones) and do not wear perfumes with a sweet, floral scent.

On Zanzibar, you have full access to health services. Our hotel will help you get to a first aid doctor if necessary. The facility is located in the same village where the hotel. There is also access to European medicines on the island. Additionally, you can find a well-equipped, specialized hospital in Stone Town.